Baseline Environmental Survey

We’re collecting community feedback on how your city is doing on matters of protecting the environment in your area, how impactful our methods can be here at MarbleWatch, and key environmental concerns in regions around the United States and the world. 

We’ve put together a brief survey to collect this community feedback. Data collected will be used to direct our methods of using photos to address environmental issues in the most effective ways as determined by you. Inputs given may be discussed with city administrations, nonprofit partners, and anyone else we may need to work with to implement real, measurable changes. All data is kept anonymous.

This allows us to establish baseline data for the issues we’re working to address, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get your voice heard and help us out.

The more data we can collect the better. Please share this with any friends and/or family you have, regardless of location, and we’ll do our part by using this data to push for targeted change local to chapters as well as on a global scale.

Thank you!

– The MarbleWatch Team