Take the Pledge

I pledge to keep an eye out for environmental issues in my community at all times,
and to report on problems through photos and any available information when applicable
so the appropriate steps can be taken to address them.

For every 15 pledges, we’re planting a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation.

What does it mean to take our pledge?

Every pledge is a step towards a world where humans and nature coexist and thrive in harmony.

Taking the Pledge.

Pledge that you’ll always keep an eye out for signs of environmental degradation in your area, either indirectly or directly caused by human activity.

Passive Activism.

There’s no commitment, and no one’s holding you accountable. The purpose of this pledge is for you to remind yourself to look twice when you find a problem in your community, and do your part by reporting it, so we can identify, document, and work to address it. It’s no more than a pledge, and we hope you do your part! 

Spare 30 Seconds.

When you happen to come across an environmental issue, you can simply snap a photo with your cellphone, and submit it through this form. We’ll proceed to research and document each submission in our database, and work with partners to actively implement long-term solutions to address each and every submission to the best of our ability.