Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a famous image of the Earth, taken from Apollo 17- the last manned moon mission- called the ‘Blue Marble’. Earth from space is a marvelous sight, and this image really drills in this notion that we have only one planet, and we’re lucky to be standing on this lone blue speck in the vast expanse of space. In fact, the new perspective this sight brings is so prevalent that is has its own name- the Overview Effect, commonly experienced by astronauts gazing down at Earth from above.
Through MarbleWatch, we aim to ensure that our one blue marble is preserved and protected to the best of our abilities. Through photography, we can watch out for our only planet- our blue marble.

Of course! In fact, we’re not expecting anyone to be a great photographer- that’s not the goal. We’re looking to register people who are willing to keep an eye out for the environment, and in the event that they find something that needs to be addressed, they snap a simple picture and send it in. Nothing fancy- it just needs to show the problem.
And if you want to start a chapter, join a chapter, or join our core team? No photography involved! You’ll be working on growing our organization, and participating in solving the problems we find!

Yes! In fact, we launched during lockdown! If you are worried about joining MarbleWatch because of the pandemic, don’t be. We are maintaining complete social distance by operating from home, mainly communicating through Discord and Zoom. Later we hope to hold in person events and projects, but for now, come join us online!