Our Mission

The aim of MarbleWatch is to reduce the per capita environmental impact of communities around the world by using crowdsourced environmental photography and relevant eco-journalism to encourage communities to adopt more sustainable lifestyles through clear, realistic actions, and to push for top-down change from policymakers, NGOs, and the private sector.

Theory of Change

Exposure to photographs of negative environmental consequences and deteriorative actions will bridge the environmental consciousness gap between cause and effect, encouraging both those viewing these photos and those on the lookout for issues to photograph to become more environmentally-conscious and sustainable in their own lives.

 This bridge can be utilized not only for community environmental progress, but also to encourage top-down change from policymakers, NGOs, and the private sector, to ensure lasting, measurable change in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goals 11.6 and 12.8.



The first step in solving any issue is to recognize its existence. 

And the most effective way to gather information on issues we encounter in our daily lives is through crowdsourcing. To capture the essence of environmental deterioration and their impacts on communities around the world, we focus on crowdsourcing environmental photography, often targeted towards our regular campaigns.


Once we collect a substantial number of crowdsourced photos focused on any particular issue, we document the issue as well as realistic, impactful ways that individuals can address it in their everyday lives, providing easily accessible Eco-Journalism to spread public knowledge and mobilize communities.


Finally, it’s crucial to push for lasting, measurable sustainable progress. We use the photos collected to establish an undeniable presence of a specific environmental issue, and collaborate with relevant policymakers, NGOs, and the private sector when applicable to prevent and eliminate these issues to the best of their ability.

We also measure grassroots environmental impact as a result of our awareness outreach through self-reporting from viewers, readers, and our eco-lookouts (individuals who’ve submitted photos for our campaigns).

Where We Operate


We’re based in the Greater Seattle Area, and are currently piloting the MarbleWatch approach across King County, the 12th most populous county in the United States.


If you’re interested in starting a new chapter, reach out to us through our contact form or via email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.