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Inspiring, educating, and reforming the world for a sustainable future through photography.

What We Do

Crowdsourcing Environmental Photography

We’re using crowdsourced community photography of environmental deterioration and impacts to fight for a more sustainable future. We launch regular campaigns gathering photographs of a specific environmental issue from encompassed communities, with photos used to encourage individuals to make feasible, concrete lifestyle changes to reduce the issue, and to encourage policymakers, NGOs, and other relevant parties to push for top-down sustainable progress.

Capturing Environmental Deterioration in Photos

We crowdsource photographic documentation of the negative effects of human activity on nature, and use the photos we collect to raise awareness and fight for change. After receiving tips on localized environmental issues in our encompassed communities, we research and document photographed issues and steps individuals can take to help, and work with stakeholders in our areas to implement long-term solutions and prevention measures. We also work to illuminate overlooked environmental deterioration impacting communities around the world, to push for imminent progress.

Raising Awareness of Overlooked Environmental Issues, through Photography.

Providing Eco-Journalism to Raise Awareness of These Issues and How to Address Them.

Providing Eco-Journalism to Educate Communities of These Issues and How to Address Them.

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Ongoing Campaigns

“The typical nature photograph shows a butterfly on a pretty flower. The conservation photograph shows the same thing, but with a bulldozer coming at it in the background.”

– Joel Sartore

MarbleWatch is a youth-led environmental initiative dedicated to identifying, documenting, and addressing localized environmental issues through photography.